Culture & Development is a non-profit organisation that aims primarily to support projects which try to preserve, protect and enhance cultural heritage and knowledge resources. Transcending boundaries, our association fosters preventive conservation and regeneration activities, artistic initiatives and scientific productions targeted to historic buildings and areas, artefacts or intangible heritage.


We understand ourselves as mediators between traditional owners of cultural heritage, international institutions and sponsors or organisations to make projects, exhibitions, media campaigns and publications possible wherever necessary. Within this broad field of concern, we endeavour particularly to foster intercultural dialogues and projects eager to incorporate historic and cultural preservation into local efforts. We are hence not restricted to the conventional and pure conservation of cultural heritage; we’re motivated to create fruitful synergies for the mutual benefit of all participants envolved in a project.


Our staffs are experienced in various disciplines including cultural policy, audio-visual arts, international politics, urban planning and architecture, geography, anthropology, ethnology and museum pedagogy. Culture & Development helps its members and project participants to address the funding imbalance and unsustained financial support facing significant cultural heritage and expressions worldwide.


Thus we „... reaffirm the importance of the link between culture and development for all countries (...) and to support actions undertaken nationally and internationally to secure recognition of the true value of this link" (UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions, article 1).


Culture & Development e.V.
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We ask everybody involved in our projects to include a Culture & Development e.V. logo at all public events and in all publications:

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UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions